Kifaru - Duplex Platform Lite Frames - Ranger Green

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Ranger Green

Built around t"he outstanding comfort of the Duplex Frame and Suspension, this is a flexible contoured internal frame with rigid, composite stays, which transfer weight to your hips via a custom fitted cupped and contoured waistbelt. Contoured shoulder straps are designed to stabilize the load on your back without slipping. All weight is carried on your hip platform, where it belongs- not on your shoulders or lower back

  • Removable Lumbar Pad: Made with durable 500d fabric and anatomical dual density foam with PackLock.  Designed to help keep the pack solidly in your hip area.

  • Contoured waist belt Features: The anatomical cut of these belts delivers superior comfort. Their wide design spreads weight and alleviates hot spots. Features: Made from 500d fabric with a dual row PALS matrix suitable for 1" 3-bar sliders such as on our belt pouches and Gun Bearer or Malice clips.

  • Stabilizer Strap: This strap on the waistbelt helps stabilize heavy loads by sinching the base of the bag tight to the belt.

  • Frame & Suspension:
The Duplex Frame is completely modular, letting you choose between pack or freighter.


Kifaru - Duplex Platform Lite Frames - Ranger Green