Thorn Expandable Crossbow Broadheads use patented “hidden blade” technology to achieve true field-point accuracy. At impact, the Rip-Tip...
The Crossbow X-MAG cuts 2" on impact and an additional 1.75" Exit. The X-MAG has .036 blades and...
Expandable broadhead designed to fly just like a field point. Uses "wing blades" to open the main blades...
Three blade broadhead features a 1 3/16" cutting diameter, .020" blades and a replaceable trocar tip.
Supreme fixed blade design with a 1 3/16" cutting diameter, engineered for toughness and accuracy, helix blade design...
Mechanical broadhead with 2" cutting diameter and Shock Collar blade retention system. Features Ferrule Alignment Technology for improved...
One piece fixed blade broadhead with cut on contact design. Features all steel construction and easy to sharpen...
Three blade mechanical broadhead with aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule and .035" thick blades. Features a chisel tip with mini...
The Rocky Mountain First Cut-X features a 22/64" diameter aluminum ferrule for proper bolt alignment and they are...
The NAP DK4 is a combination between a fixed blade and an expandable broadhead. Features a pivoting fixed...
Two blade mechanical crossbow broadhead. Features a chisel tip and a 2 in cutting diameter.
Three blade mechanical crossbow broadhead. Features a chisel tip and a 1.5 in cutting diameter.

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