Why should you put braided line on your reels

Although there might be some people who disagree with me having braided line on my reels is the best thing I have ever done. One of the reasons why I am loving braid on my reels is because it has a way longer shelf life than normal Floro or mono line. The reason for this is because braid does not have any memory...this means after a couple months your line will not bird up.

Another reason I am loving braided line on my reels is strength. Braided lines are highly resistant to abrasion, making them suitable for fishing in areas with rough underwater structures such as rocks, timber, or heavy vegetation. 

Some people might ask well is braided line visible in clear water. The answer is yes it can be. One way I overcome this obstacle on my personal set ups is to add a Floro leader. I typically like a 6ft leader but it all boils down to preference.

While there are a lot of upsides to having braid on your reel there are also some negatives to be talked about too. One big one that pops up in my head is whenever you catch a fish sometimes the line can dig into the spool getting it caught. The way to fix this is just before your next cast let some line out and check everything out to make sure it is ok. To some guys this might not be for them but for a guy like me this little problem doesn't affect me much. Many anglers find the benefits outweigh these considerations, making braided line a popular choice for fishing reels.