Unlock Your Archery Potential: 5 Reasons Why Investing in a Mathews Lift Is a Game-Changer!

My overall experience with setting up this bow has been awesome. I would Like to start with the bow straight out of the box. When I first busted this thing out the overall finish of this bow is just awesome. We all know that finish is not the most important thing on a bow but when spending $1299.00 on a brand-new bow us archers expect it. 

The second thing that I loved about my Lift coming straight out of the box was the set up. On this bow the accessories that I picked out were the 

Mathews MX2 integrated QAD

Axcel sight with a UV double pin scope

Mathews 8-inch back bar with the back bar mount 

UV Chris bee grip

and the Mathews legs

 All in all, the ease of this set up was super easy. The rest goes right on and has a mark when you are first setting up that you align. The sight just slides right in after leveling... and the other accessories bolt right to the bow!

On to the tuning aspect of this bow. This bow after it was all set up took me a total of 20 minutes to get tuned. During this time, I had to shim the bow twice and make a couple adjustments to the rest. At the end of this process, I have my rest ran out to 3/4 and I ended up having to mess with the top shims alone.

The third thing I want to cover with this bow is the ergonomics of it. One thing that I am loving is how to lift has the axels ran on the top of the limbs instead of through them. This change here makes working on the bow a lot easier. Another thing that sets this bow apart from the others is how darn quite it is. I don't think any bow on the market have even come close to Mathew's quietness. 

All in all, if you are on the fence with switching to the newer bow, I would say get into a pro shop and shoot it for a while. Some guys are going to say there isn't enough change between the lift and the phase 4 but in my opinion it's a whole new world!