Megabass SUPER Z Z1

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Designed to terrorize bass in shallow to mid-range transition areas, the Megabass Super-Z Z1 Crankbaits utilize high-pitch action and relentless bulldog-style bottom contact to illicit vicious strikes and give you the edge on your competition. At only 2-inches long, this finesse sized crankbait is the perfect way to find a limit in challenging conditions while its furious deflections and hard-hitting approach will also call in kicker fish to tip the scales in your favor. From bill to tail, these feature-rich crankbaits are jam-packed with premium components and performance attributes.

Starting at the front, the Megabass Super-Z Z1 Crankbaits employ their “hard contact bill” which more efficiently transmits vibrations for clear feedback to the angler as the bait hunts over rocky or other hard structure. The body of the bait showcases 3D scale patterning to accentuate its 3D gill rakers and meticulously detailed paint schemes. In addition to the impressive exterior, their interior boasts Megabass’s patented LBO II moving balancer system for increased casting distance despite their small profile and lightweight design. Perfectly suited for attacking cruising fish around backwater sand bars, rip-rap, and shallow structure, the Megabass Super-Z Z1 Crankbaits are sure to be a key player in tackle boxes everywhere.


  • Length: 2"
  • Weight: 1/4oz
  • Depth: 6ft
  • Class: Floating

Megabass SUPER Z Z1