MEGABASS Marine Gang (Floating)

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Megabass MARINEGANG is tuned for sea bass connoisseurs, and equipped with the newly developed LBO System (PAT.) to unleash destructive casting distance. The LBO System (PAT.) is designed with a system of ball bearings to virtually eliminate friction, allowing for maximum transfer of energy during casts. Furthermore, the LBO System features a magnetic front mount for optimal stability during retrieve, and improved casting. The magnet holds the weight forward as you load the rod for your cast, building up energy until it is unleashed as you launch MARINEGANG towards the ocean, weight slamming into the tail section to power devastating casts even in windy conditions. 


  • Length: 120-(4.75") 90-(3.5")
  • Weight: 120-(3/4 oz) 90-(1/2 oz)
  • Class: Floating

MEGABASS Marine Gang (Floating)