FACT weight system wrench allows you to install or remove FACT weight screws while the points are installed...
Screw in point weights allow the shooter to customize their FOC. The .245 will fit Victory shafts Vforce...
Glue in target point with longer taper for increased performance and fewer kick outs on the 3D and...
Glue in point for V-Tac 23 arrow shaft.
Glue in point for V-Tac 25 arrow shaft.
Glue in point for V-Tac 23 arrow shaft.
Screw-in style field point designed for practice and target use.
Large diameter pin points manufactured to be extremely consistent. Weight tolerance of 0.5 grains.
Glue in target points for Easton Full Bore and SuperDrive 27 arrow shafts.
One piece glue in bullet point for aluminum shafts.
Nickel plated glue in target points for aluminum arrow shafts.
Made from high-quality, solid hardened stainless steel in an elongated bullet style. Designed to greatly reduce the severity...