Megabass Orochi XX 7'2" Perfect Pitch

$389.99 389.99


The Megabass Orochi XX is one of the most popular models within the series, the first-generation Perfect Pitch quickly gained a hardcore following among bottom fishing and pitching experts alike for its sensitivity, power, precision, balance, and maneuverability. The redesigned Perfect Pitch adds knockout power and heightened sensitivity, taking this newest iteration to an entirely new level. With an extra-fast taper and F7 construction, the Perfect Pitch delivers the quickest, most devastating Tyson-esque hookset in the lineup. With its unique combination of power, quickness, and sensitivity, the Perfect Pitch excels in bottom compact applications. 


  • Length: 7' 2"
  • Taper: Extra-Fast
  • Line Rating: 12-25lb
  • Lure Rating: 3/8 oz - 1 1/4 oz
  • Handle Length: 15"
  • Guides: 8+ tip

Megabass Orochi XX 7'2" Perfect Pitch