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The Pro-Build is for the serious archer who is seeking the absolute most accuracy out of their set-up. We'll take you through a strenuous tuning process to make sure when everything is on the line, you and your equipment are performing flawlessly. 

The pro-build is not the best fit for every archer. It is for the intermediate to advanced level shooter, who wants to shoot the tightest groups of their life. We achieve this through making sure your arrow flight is optimized for your unique form, grip pressures, bow, etc. Just like a well-engineered building, it all starts with a strong foundation. We will completely start from the ground up, checking your nock fit, cam timing, arrow level, etc. We will level your sights 1st axis to make sure your dial is traveling perfectly on plane with your bow, 2nd axis to make sure your sight and bow are perfectly square, and 3rd axis to make sure your sight is perfectly level on up and downhill shots. Next we will fine to your draw length down to the 1/8". Draw length often gets over-looked, but the finding the correct draw length can be the difference in a bow feeling like home, and wanting to punt it out into a field. Once your draw length is where you want it, we will move on to having you shoot your bow through paper. This will make sure your bow is pushing the arrow straight out of your bow. Once we have achieved a perfect tear on paper, we will move onto Bare shaft tuning. Bareshaft tuning can be a long and arduous process, as any minutiae flaws in your shot will give a false reading in the tuning process. The goal of bareshaft tuning is to take as much work load off of your vanes as possible, this is done through tuning the flight of the arrow to be as straight as possible without vanes, so that once the vanes are put back on they have less flight issues to correct. We will finish the pro-build with a broadhead tune, as this is the most important factor for hunters. It doesn't matter how good your field points will shoot, if your broadheads won't hit in the same spot, right? Broadhead tuning is done through making very small adjustments to correct the planing properties of your broadhead. Keep in mind, you can not tune the drag out of the broadheads, so they may still hit lower than your field points at longer distances. Once we're done you will have the best bow build possible, so you can shoot like a pro!


  • Set-up
  • Sight Level
  • Fine-Tuning Draw Length
  • Paper Tune
  • Bareshaft Tune
  • Broadhead Tune






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