Why should you consider buying a carbon bow?

Choosing between a carbon bow and an aluminum bow depends on various factors including personal preference, shooting style, and intended use. Here are some reasons why you might consider buying a carbon bow over an aluminum one.

One of the big reasons you should even consider buying a carbon bow is weight customization. This is huge for the guy/girl who has been shooting a bow for a while and finally wants to jump into the realm of fine customization. A carbon bow comes out of the box super light. With this you will be able to stack weight wherever is needed to accomplish a feel like no other bow.

The second reason you should consider a carbon bow is it is a temperature neutral material. This is awesome because weather you are shooting in freezing weather or a hot day you will never have that transfer to your hands.

The third and last reason you should consider a carbon bow is the dampening technology. Don't be fooled if you go shoot a un-set up carbon bow and it has a little vibration... as soon as you start accessorizing it, it all goes away! 

I hope this helps as I know this question gets asked a lot. 

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